How To Join Multiballers

Joining the 2020 LLPL league is easy! Check out the Leagues page to get more info.   Then scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out the form with your name and email.  In the message box put ” I wanna join league” and your good to go!  Now you just have to show up on June 5 at 7pm with your league dues.  See you there!

Lucky’s Lounge Pinball League has three seasons each year, which run approximately:

  • Spring season from February through May
  • Summer season from June through September
  • Fall season from October through December

The regular season starts the following week and normally runs for 10 weeks of play. When the regular season ends, roughly the top half of finishers will advance to the playoffs. We place players into divisions so everyone has a chance to make the playoffs in a division that’s appropriate for their skill level.

When you join a league, you’ll be asked to pay league dues, which are typically $40 per season. These dues provide trophies and prizes for finalists.

You’ll also pay the coin drop for pinball games you play.

If you’re not sure about joining, or if you try to join a league very late in a season, you can play as a guest instead. Guests play with a league group for fun, but guest scores don’t affect league results, and guests don’t receive the other benefits listed above. On the other hand, we don’t collect league dues from guests.

Any questions?  Contact us at!